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November 27, 2002

first snow!

it's not very heavy yet, really light.... but the tops of all the cars outside are already white, covered with snow. i'm SO happy i don't have to work tomorrow. the weather channel said that there will be heavy snow all day tomorrow. yay! a day in bed sleeping in and watching my favorite movies!!!

November 15, 2002

about fear...

i think the movie bowling for columbine should be made mandatory for everybody to watch... it's easily one of the best documentary movies i've ever seen.

when i went to see it yesterday, i was a bit skeptical and wasn't really interested in watching it. but it turned out to be really really good! it's an exploration of fear, the most basic demon in any human being.

feed it the other ingredients for destruction: poverty, inequality, alienation, insecurity, constant competition, media's obsession with sensational news (which always contains violence), lack of education, a bad government system and its imperialist tendencies, and with a background of a violent history, you have the perfect recipe for home-made assasins!

November 06, 2002

.: escape

there was once,
a little girl who always wore
small blue ribbons on her ponytails,
who used to walk to a place nobody knew,
whenever she wanted to play

in the summertime,
there would be clusters of tree
with different shades of green
and rainbows of flowers,
stretched as far as a blue flowing river,
where silver-streaked fish hopping
between the white bubbles of the stream,
making patterns of blue, white, and silver.

and when autumn turned up,
all the greens would become shadows
of red, brown, and gold;
blur shapes covered by the mist
from the early morning rain.

every drop of moist glistened
the falling leaves and branches
that brightened the old winding road
behind the wooden fence,
turning it gold
as the sun chased the mist away.

and when winter came,
the frozen lake would tingle
with little ice crystals flown down
from the naked silver branches
of the glass sculpture trees.

white powder on a white blanket
bordered by a blue cloudless horizon
sprinkled with shimmering glitters
here and there as accents.

oh, how she waited
for the bursting colors in the spring!

-june 97-

November 02, 2002


i was browsing through godote's site, and found gibug. it's a comic strip about a bajaj driver and his cat, and their adventures together in the craziness of jakarta. it's pretty funny and well-made. go check it out!