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March 30, 2003


when i went out of the apartment today, i thought i was on a different street altogether... there were SO many people outside on my street, there had to be hundreds of them demonstrating against the war in iraq. there were a lot of police on motorbikes and horses, and a helicopter was whirling up in the sky... it was kinda dramatic. this was part of a few others that have been happening in and around the city for the past week... many major streets were closed due to the rally.

anyway, this was the reason why i was late to the permias grad education seminar this afternoon. a lot of people came, which i guess indicates that many are interested in this topic of education.

budi presented the constructivist and objectivist views of education, and evi presented the issues and needs for multicultural education in indonesia. the q&a sessions for both topics were very lively, and the whole thing lasted for about 3 hours.

overall, the seminar was interesting and thought-provoking... even if the answers and solutions seem to be still far from reach and might not even happen during this generation, but at least we're aware of the problems and could start from doing small things from ourselves, which then maybe could include our family, social group, and some day maybe spread even wider to be the effort of all the people...

afterwards, me and jane met up with the others to have dinner and ended up hanging out at my apartment. the conversation evolved from silly jokes and hilarious performances by david and cecil mimicking people (these two should've just majored in acting) to a serious discussion about indonesia and its first two presidents... hmmm... *no comment*

anyway, i can't sleep after they left, so i decided to catch up on some browsing and found out that sg has a new weblog! check it out! ;)

oh yeah, i've been watching 2 episodes of lain recently... it's definitely weird and pretty dark, but so far i kinda like it! am contemplating whether i should try getting the whole series on ebay :P ...well, if anybody has seen it, please let me know what you think of it.

another thing that happened today: i found out the grueling fact that yes, the bonus is taxed at 40%... sniff... oh well... better than to get nothing at all, i guess...

March 27, 2003

rhythms & colors of indonesia

permias mass is proud to present the rhythms & colors of indonesia!

the event will be held on sunday, april 20th, and will include exhibitions and performances by students and local balinese artists (gamelan + dances)... all proceedings will go to humanitarian efforts in indonesia.

don't miss it!!!

March 26, 2003


can somebody please explain to me how did chicago manage to win 6 oscars, one of which is best picture???

it's an entertaining movie and it's pretty good, but it's nothing extraordinary... there are a lot of other movies that i think are better than chicago.

oh well... i think i'll stop complaining about movies for tonight. :P


yuck... the more i think about it, the more i don't like the movie irreversible. how could anyone even compare it to memento? the movie is also in reverse, but that's about the only similarity between the two. it is nowhere near memento at all in any aspect whatsoever, except maybe the acting. it's gratuitously brutal in a juvenile way, has no entertaining value, and pretends it's a form of art, even though it fails miserably. i mean, what's up with the camera movements? it doesn't serve any purpose other than being annoying.

all those hardcore disturbing violence strangely (or sadly?) don't give quite the impact you'd expect from such scenes. they are disgusting but uneventful.

although for a few brief minutes i had a moment of temporary insanity where i thought it was, despite of all its yuckiness, a little better than gerry... but then i came to my senses and realized that even though gerry was also hard to watch, but at least it's not pretentious and actually has one or two quite beautiful scenes in it, and i like the soundtrack.

so if you feel like you absolutely have to watch something totally different in a hardcore way, watch gerry instead. don't watch irreversible, unless you really like spending money for lousy stuff just to torture yourself.

March 22, 2003



March 20, 2003


i've been a completely hopeless kenshin addict these past few days... i finally gave in and bought the complete series of kenshin (tv series 1-94 + 2 OVAs + 2 movies) and have been stuck to my chair every night watching him for hours. i could probably speak japanese by the time i finish watching the series...

here's a translation of the manga if you wanna read it...

anyway, i've been looking for the 15" powerbook on ebay these past few days... and actually placed a bid on one. i hope i can win it! ooh, i get goosebumps just thinking about it...!

March 17, 2003

some random link

can you sing like eugene?

can you tell how bored i am now?