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May 28, 2004

friday updates

yay, weekend! and summer hours start today! i'm off every friday at 1.30 from now thru end of august! ain't life fab? :D

went to the first US screening of hero last night at the coolidge corner theatre, an old artdeco moviehouse in brookline. there was an introduction by zhang yimou himself and a q&a session with him at the end of the movie. i was one of those first lucky ones to see hero before it's released this fall in american theatres. the tickets sold out weeks before the event itself. i tried taking zhang's picture a few times, but only one turned out not blurry (will post it later tonight).

the movie itself was just beauuuutiful!!! the colors were just amazing! it's the kind of movie you've gotta see on a big screen and surround sound... i wonder when the dvd will come out.

next movie on my list would be 'to live.' last night, in response to an audience question about which of his movies he liked best, zhang said that all of his movies are his babies... some are great, some are ugly, but he loves them all. but his most important work is definitely 'to live,' which is a chronicle of a family's life during the cultural revolution in china (i think it's banned there).

btw, godote has a new face... check it out!

May 24, 2004

psychotic bosses...

"where they came from and how to get rid of them."

that's one book i'd like to have for sure. has anybody written it yet?